1. What is Adopt-A-Gym?

Adopt-A-Gym is a nonprofit organization that provides free access to ‘physical education equipment for PE programs in need. We believe that every kid deserves the opportunity to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, and our goal is to make that possible for as many kids as we can.

  1. How does Adopt-A-Gym work?

We partner with donor schools to run fun fitness fundraisers in their communities. We use 100% of their funds raised to purchase P.E. equipment for schools in need! Please fill out the “Apply as a donor school” form if you’re interested in making a difference!

  1. What are the benefits of Adopt-A-Gym?

There are countless benefits to being physically active, including improved mental health, increased academic achievement, and reduced obesity rates. We want to make sure that every kid has the chance to experience these benefits, regardless of their background or circumstances.

  1. How can I help?

Register as a donor school and run your own fundraiser.

Make your own donation. Check with your employer, because some will match your donation as well!

Spread the word!! Let people know what we’re doing! There’s no faster way to do that than social media!