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Who we are

Adopt-a-Gym is a “by kids, for kids” fundraiser where schools raise funds to purchase physical education equipment for other schools that are short on resources to purchase adequate equipment for themselves. Funds are raised by students through fun fitness events such as fun runs, dance-a-thons and other creative active events.

This process has many benefits!  Students from the donor school learn the power of philanthropy; they learn that, yes, they CAN make a difference in the world!  They learn that they don’t need to receive something in return in order to give; and that the positive change they create in the lives of children just like them make it all worthwhile!

Teachers from the schools that receive the equipment can give their students the well-rounded physical education program they deserve.  The students will not only be exposed to numerous physical activities, but get hands on experience because of the volume of equipment their physical educators have access to.  This can lead to tons of fun, reduction in childhood obesity, opportunities for higher education and, most of all, the creation of healthier lifestyle habits.

Last, but certainly not least, the students learn that there are good people in the world. This lesson of humanity builds good faith inside them which could lead to them passing it on throughout their lives.  The character built during the whole process is immeasurable!

Our approach

Our Mission
Adopt-a-Gym began in 2015 at Charles Barrett Elementary School where I teach. We have adopted at least two schools every year so far.
Students fundraise to positively impact children just like them. This lesson of humanity teaches them that they have the ability to make a real difference in the world!!

One gym at a time…and counting!!

Every year, we help more and more schools! The more donors we have, the more P.E. programs we help!

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Equipment Donated

Funds Raised

We have raised over $80,000 in seven years!  In the beginning, after fulfilling the wish lists of the adopted schools each year, we donate the remainder of the proceeds to our local homeless shelter.

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